【News】Covid-Infected Woman Rejected By 4 Hospitals, Dies In Car At A Parking Lot
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Covid-Infected Woman Rejected By 4 Hospitals, Dies In Car At A Parking Lot

A.   |   May 3, 2021, 11:16   |   74

Covid-19 has unveiled a new side to humanity (or lack thereof) and it is rather unsettling, to say the least.?


A woman by the name of Jagriti Gupta, an engineer from Noida, India was rushed to the hospital after her condition deteriorated. Diagnosed with Covid-19 a few days prior, Gupta was quick to succumb to the virus, and with the help of her landlord and neighbors, they drove her to the hospital; expecting immediate aid.?


However, they kept getting rejected by every hospital they went, to as they were all at full capacity. Sadly, Witnesses reported that her landlord even begged for the hospital to take Gupta in as she was in a very critical condition. Sadly, Gupta passed away in the car at the hospital's parking lot, after waiting for three hours.

It was the fourth hospital that rejected their plea.?


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