【Lifestyle】So True & Relatable! Illustrations Of Girls' Little Daily Secrets
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Lifestyle | Entertainment

So True & Relatable! Illustrations Of Girls' Little Daily Secrets

Jada   |   Apr 27, 2021, 23:53   |   76

Girls always want to show their most beautiful in front of people. However, it is not easy to always maintain an elegant manner! A popular Vietnamese illustrator, named Chiemminhoi humorously portrays girls' little secrets! For example, many girls choose not to take off their masks when they drink or eat because they know that their make-up of girls has been damaged after wearing a mask.?

Most of the girls would make a lot of effort to look good in terms of their dressing and makeup. Each preparation is a big battle for them because it is actually uncomfortable and tiring for them to wear high heels. Besides, they also need to take extra care to prevent running out when they wearing sexy clothes.?

Would you feel like you are a superstar and walk confidently after every new haircut? However, your good mood immediately changed when your hairstyle has been completely ruined by strong winds. Is it something you have faced before? I beat it is! Hehe...

Having healthy hair is the dream of every girl. However, it has never been easy to take care of the hair, regardless of its length.?

For example, you would face hair fall or your hair got stuck in the comb. And, you would definitely feel frustrated when you face either of these situations. Is that true?

Girls, I believe you have experience cutting your bangs too. Did the result match your expectation?

Buying clothes online is riskier than buying clothes at a physical store as you need to suffer the cost when the items that arrived differ from those in the photo or you find yourself do not look good with them. So, think before you buy as you also don't want to look auntie when going out, right?

Is drawing eyeliners one of your daily routines? Do you always end up drawing eyeliners that make you look like a Chinese opera actors? Hahaha...

Do you feel relatable with these illustrations?


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