【Food】CU Convenience Store Is Finally Here In Malaysia! Here‘s What You Should Check Out:
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CU Convenience Store Is Finally Here In Malaysia! Here‘s What You Should Check Out:

A.   |   Mar 17, 2021, 12:10   |   443

Korean CU convenience store will open its door to Malaysians for the first time ever on 1st April, and we can already hear the screeching squeals from Korean drama fans nationwide. You can finally get to pretend you’re the main character about to meet their Oppa at a convenience store!

And why not try these mouth-watering selections as well while you're at it:?

1. Strawberry Desserts

A rival to Family Mart's wildly beloved strawberry-centered desserts, these ones could be the next crowd's favorites.?

2. Burgers

Eating a burger or two won't hurt, no? Especially when they look this good.?

3. Macaroons

Can't skip the classic french desserts!

4. Ice Creams!

Let's take a break from eating Wall's ice creams and give these melt-in-your-mouth desserts a go.?

5. Lunch Boxes

7-Eleven who?

credit: goody25.com


CU convenience store korea malaysia lunch boxes desserts ice creams

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