【-】Shopee Malaysia‘s 2.2 CNY Deals You Won't Want To Miss
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Shopee Malaysia‘s 2.2 CNY Deals You Won't Want To Miss

A.   |   Jan 18, 2021, 19:05   |   36

Shopee is here yet again to feed on our online shopping addiction, and its newest and most exciting sale yet has already begun.?


Shopee's 2.2 sale seems to have gotten even better than the last, offering so many deals that you'd be crazy to miss out on.?

As always, be quick to claim all the vouchers offered on both their website and app before they're all fully redeemed. (Remember to check for new ones daily!)


Also, watch out for their vouchers and deals redeemable to be used from 8 PM to 12 PM every day.?

Here are a few other promotions that you could look forward too as well:?


Other than the aforementioned deals, Shopee also introduces Group Buy, a promotion that allows you to purchase items in a group for discounted rates.?


There are much too many deals and promotions to list down here but you can always go to their app or website and browse everything through for yourself.?

Don't forget to use Shopback though!


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