【Tech】FREE App | Turn Your Profile Pics Into Cute Makowka Characters
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FREE App | Turn Your Profile Pics Into Cute Makowka Characters

emp7y   |   Mar 1, 2021, 14:40   |   43065

If you've been on TikTok, Twitter, IG etc, you'll see adorable paper doll-style characters taking over your friends' profile pics!

Well, those are easy-to-make avatars with the makowka character maker II?on Picrew, a user-generated avatar maker website from Japan.?

20-year old artist/creator, Lisa Makówka from Austria is behind this creative work! Buy them a coffee here if you're in love with their art!


Source: Instagram

What you'll love most with the picrew is that the item choices are made for almost everyone!?

You'll have plenty of options in terms of features, tones, sizes & styles. Even, the little details like scars, tattoos, skin complexion, freckles, stretch marks, beard etc. are on point. Super diverse!

So, get your friends in the fun & build characters that look exactly like you guys!


Source: Instagram

?Here's how to start:
1- Go to the picrew.

2- Read the guidelines (important!) & click on the pink button to proceed.?

3- Select your body type, facial features & hairstyle.?
Click the 'Arrow' icon to adjust position & the 'Brush' icon to change colour.?

?? https://image.goody25.com/images/catalog/48888/20210301_16145793929141_mobile.jpeg??
Source: Picrew

4- Dress up in your favourite top. Sizes L & XL are available too!

5- Accessorize with glasses, jewelleries, headwear or face art.

6- Design your background with different colours & stickers.?

7- When you're done, click the green 'COMPLETE' button.?

8- Download your character in PNG & use it as your dope PFP!

For a more anime-ish style, try the makowka oc maker?from the same artist!


Source: Picrew

Now, don't be too late to this avatar party & start creating!
Check out their Twitter & IG to see more of Makówka's work.


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