【Beauty】Use It From Your Head To Toes | 6 Hidden Usages Of Johnson's Baby Oil
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Use It From Your Head To Toes | 6 Hidden Usages Of Johnson's Baby Oil

Jada   |   Feb 17, 2021, 11:33   |   1371

Johnson's Baby Oil is not limited to the usage of babies and children! Other than moisturizing children's sensitive skin, this baby oil is useful for the adults too, especially for people who have dry sensitive skin!?

There are 6 ways to use Johnson's Baby Oil to keep you can be cared for from head to toe.?

1. Use It Together With Body Lotion

When we use Johnson's Baby Oil with body lotion, the moisturizing effect will be doubled!?

This is because the baby oil will form a moisturizing protective film on the skin, which effectively locks the moisture in the skin and prevents the skin from drying out.

2. Use It As Cleansing Oil

This Johnson's Baby Oil uses pure natural mineral oil, which can safely remove makeup from the face.

3. Use For Massage/ Gua Sha (Scrape Therapy)

Apply a layer of Johnson's Baby Oil before scrape therapy and massage.?

Let your skin absorb baby oil to keep your skin moisturized and protected during scrape therapy and massage.?

4. Protect Nails And Foot?

The Johnson's Baby Oil gives a very good protective and nourishing effect on our nails and feet!?

It can help to solve the issue of dull nails and dry feet.??

5. Use It As??Hair Mask

Johnson's Baby Oil is an ultra-low-cost hair oil that you can use as hair mask to moisturize your hair.?

Just drop a few drops of Johnson's Baby Oil on the palm of your hand, rub it gently for a few seconds.?

Then, rub the hair with your hands, and then wrap your hair with a warm towel.?

Wait a few minutes for the towel to cool down and then remove it.?

Frequent treatment like this will keep your hair healthy and shiny.

6. Use It As Hand Mask

Stir the baby oil and hand cream together. Then, thickly coat your hands and wrap them in disposable gloves. Wait for 10 minutes before taking them off and washing them off. Your hands will soon become softer.

So many wonderful functions baby oils are really worth starting! It's time to buy one to make good use of its powerful effects!


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