【News】This App Might Save Your Life! [Volunteer Smartphone Patrol]
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This App Might Save Your Life! [Volunteer Smartphone Patrol]

xweienx   |   1 hours ago   |   1

Since young, we've been taught to dial "999" whenever there is an emergency or when we're in danger. The emergency number is easy to remember and can get you in touch with all types of emergency services in Malaysia, including the police, firefighters, and ambulance services. However, since operators can't read minds, we'd have to first explain our situation to the operator before they can transfer our call or help contact the relevant departments, and these few seconds lost can make a difference during an emergency.


Yes, the police stations nearest to us have their own numbers which we can dial to reach, but who can remember their own home landline numbers, let alone the police's? To overcome this problem, the Malaysia royal police force (PDRM) has introduced an app for emergencies. You might want to keep reading as this app might just be your lifesaver one day!


The app introduced by the PDRM is called Volunteer Smartphone Patrol (VSP) and is available on Android, iOS, and even WINDOWS Phone! It is a quick way for citizens to get in touch with the police (and only the police) and even help solve crimes.?


Here's what you have to do:

1. Download the VSP app from the App Store/Play Store

2. Enter your name, phone number, and select your state.

3. Requet for a TAC, enter the TAC and click "Daftar/Register"

4. Note the username and VSP number.

5. Log in using the information in 4 and you're good to go!


What are the benefits of the app?

- No need for remembering phone numbers or calling, just use your app to send your location.

- No need for explaining who you are and other information, the police will take action as soon as a report is made.

- You can upload pictures and videos as evidence if you are a witness to a crime.

Of course, the response of the police will vary according to the severity of the crime reported. The police has also asked citizens to be careful of their own safety when gathering evidence.


So, for your own safety, the safety of people around you and anyone you might encounter that needs help, download the app today and keep it handy. You'll never know when you or someone else might need this!


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