【News】Small Burger Stall Operator Fined 50K For Operating Outside His Own Home
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Small Burger Stall Operator Fined 50K For Operating Outside His Own Home

A.   |   Apr 26, 2021, 19:13   |   344

A small burger stall operator in Kelantan was fined 50K by the police who came to his house at 11 PM last night.??


Known on Facebook as Faisal Burger, he stated in his Facebook post that he was merely doing it to pay off his everyday bills and is barely making any extra profits, while users in the comment section expressed their disbelief and disappointment at the Malaysian Police Force and their insensitivity at handling these matters. Users on Twitter have also expressed their opinions, including Malaysian politician Syed Saddiq:

Many agreed that an RM50k fine for a man making an honest living is a bit too far over the line so, what was the justification behind this action? Some said that the man was previously given a warning for operating past 10 PM (Kelantan is currently under MCO) and the fine was a direct repercussion of his past action but even so, does it still justify forcing a commoner to pay that much for a summon??

Below is the original Facebook post posted by Faisal Burger:?

alahai dugaan bulan puasa...nego burger depe tangga rumoh...kul 11 malam polis mari...

nego burger kena kompaun...

Posted by Faisal Burger on Sunday, 25 April 2021


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