【Fitness】Anya Taylor-Joy Is Not Born Slim! Check Out How Anya Taylor-Joy Maintains Her Slim Body Figure
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Anya Taylor-Joy Is Not Born Slim! Check Out How Anya Taylor-Joy Maintains Her Slim Body Figure

Jada   |   Apr 24, 2021, 16:37   |   16

The popularity of Anya Taylor-Joy has been growing since she appeared in the Netflix drama "The Queen's Gambit". Other than having excellent acting skills and a good look, Anya Taylor-Joy also has a slim body figure. Have you ever wondered the reason behind having a slim body figure like Anya Taylor-Joy? Look for the answer below!

1. A cup of apple cider vinegar a day

The fruit acid in apple cider vinegar has the effect of reducing weight and detoxification. Anya Taylor-Joy will drink a cup of water (at room temperature) containing 2 tablespoons of fruit vinegar before breakfast after getting up every morning. At the same time, she will also drink a lot of water. This not only helps to lose weight but also maintain healthy skin.

2. Low-Carb Diet

Anya Taylor-Joy's daily low-carb diet consists mainly of potato, whole-wheat bread, and vegetables. This diet helps her to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, increase protein intake, lower sugar content and increase her metabolism rate.?

3. Having 4 meals a day

4 meals a day sound attractive? It's not easy to implement! Anya Taylor-Joy's 4 meals are:

Breakfast: Fruit + Egg + Vegetable Juice/ Milkshake

Lunch: Chicken / Salmon Salad

Afternoon Tea: Fruit / Dried Fruit

Dinner: Salmon / Chicken / Steak with Quinoa + Vegetables

4. Having 3 "Cheat Meal" a week?

Having a "cheat meal" means that you can eat whatever you want without stopping. In fact, this can improve the level of leptin and promote metabolism. Leptin can help inhibit food intake and regulate energy balance. When the secretion of leptin increases, our appetite will be reduced, and this will help us to reduce food intake.?

5. Exercise 1 hour a day

In addition to dancing, Anya also has the habit of exercising one hour daily, whether it is yoga, Pilates, Zumba, or barbell training.?


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