【Lifestyle】Always Full Of Negative Thinking? Check Out If Your EQ Is High
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Always Full Of Negative Thinking? Check Out If Your EQ Is High

Jada   |   Mar 1, 2021, 01:08   |   733

Having high emotional intelligence (EQ) is different from having a high Intelligence quotient (IQ). IQ means the speed and logic of your thinking, which is also related to your ability to solve problems. The higher your IQ, the better at handling problems.?

On the other hand, EQ is related to your mood and mental health. High EQ indicates how you deal with your emotions in different situations. IQ and EQ both have their own advantages, and they cannot be compared with each other.?

If you want to know if your EQ is high, check out if you have the following characteristics.

#1. You Don't Think Negatively & Don't Let Negative People Affect You

Getting along with negative people can make us feel frustrated and exhausted.?

People with high EQ are aware of their feelings and can control their emotions when they are with negative people.?

They can clearly recognize their emotions and do not allow anger or frustration to control them.?

They will also look at the positions of both parties and find a solution that both parties can agree on.?

#2. You Are Not A Perfectionist

People with high EQ know that "perfection" does not exist because they understand that all human beings have their own shortcomings.?

If you only pursue perfection, then you will be more prone to failure, which will also make you lose the motivation to do anything.?

You will eventually feel defeated and depressed because you cannot complete the task.?

People with high EQ will not let such emotions control them, but will continue to move forward, excited about their achievements.

#3. You Take Time Off Online

Taking some time away from the Internet, especially social media can help us reduce stress levels and allow us to focus on what needs to be done.?

Studies have shown that reducing the use of electronic gadgets such as phones and computers, can reduce stress levels.

#4. You Don't Rely On Caffeine

Drinking too much caffeine triggers the release of adrenaline, which can prevent you from thinking rationally.?

Too much caffeine can put your brain and body in a state of excessive stress and can lead to unhealthy behaviours.?

People with high EQ know that caffeine will only mess up their thoughts, so they will not let caffeine control their thoughts.

#5. You Prioritise On Sleep

Sleep and your EQ are interrelated. Good sleep will improve your EQ, and having a high EQ also means you will focus on important things. If you have enough sleep, your brain will be more awake and remember what you did that day.?

People with high EQ know that if they don’t get enough sleep, their self-control, concentration, and memory will be reduced, so they will try their best to give priority to sleep.

#6. You Define Your Own happiness

People with high EQ can define your satisfaction in life. They are proud and satisfied with what they have done.?

They can control their lives and they will not let anyone's opinions change their minds.?

None of us can control what others think of us, but we can control our thinking.?

People with high EQ know that they don't have to compare with others.?

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