【-】2 FREE Baskin Robbins Ice Creams For Everyone!
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2 FREE Baskin Robbins Ice Creams For Everyone!

xweienx   |   Mar 12, 2021, 11:34   |   761

Who doesn't love ice-cream? I don't know about you but I will say "YES" to ice cream any time any day. Speaking of, ice cream lovers definitely know of the popular ice cream chain store Baskin Robbins, with their famous tagline "Baskin Robbins 31!". However, due to the slightly higher prices, not many people get to enjoy their variety of flavors often. Well, great news, as Baskin Robbins is giving everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, free ice cream!

All you have to do is to download and register on their app! Here's how:

Step 1. Download the Baskin Robbins app here.

Step 2. Fill in your mobile number and insert the code sent to you by SMS.

Step 3. Fill in your basic details.

(It's entirely optional and doesn't make much difference, but you can use my referral code 92900907)

Step 4. Fill up additional information to get extra points, or skip this step.

Step 5. Once you're in, tap the middle "gift" button at the bottom and you'll find your reward!


To redeem the rewards, just tap on "redeem" and head to your nearest Baskin Robbins branch to show your QR code! Remember, not only do you get a free ice cream for yourself, but you also get another free ice cream to share with your friend!


Here are some of the other benefits of registering for the app, perfect for those who regularly visit Baskin Robbins.


So, what are you waiting for? Tag and share this with your bestie, so you can both download and register then get 2 FREE ICE CREAMS EACH!


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