【Lifestyle】How To Wash Your Hair Correctly? 5 Wrong Ways Of Washing Your Hair
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How To Wash Your Hair Correctly? 5 Wrong Ways Of Washing Your Hair

Jada   |   Apr 30, 2021, 20:24   |   3

Choosing the right shampoo is important, but knowing how to wash your hair correctly is important too. If you wash your hair wrongly, it will gradually damage your hair and scalp over time.?

Be aware of the following 5 wrong ways of washing your hair, so that your hair become healthier than now!


1. Apply Shampoo After Wetting Your Hair

Are you excited to apply shampoo as soon as you wet your hair? In fact, the correct approach is to rinse your hair with warm water for more than one minute before applying shampoo. Then, wash away the dirt on your hair with water. After that, use shampoo to wash your hair.


2. Wash Your Hair Without Combing First?

The scalp is very important for hair. Before washing your hair, comb your hair to remove the dirt and dust adhering to the scalp, so that you can wash your scalp and hair thoroughly. It is recommended to use a comb with a wide gap between teeth and head to avoid hurting the scalp.


3. Rubbing the scalp with nails when shampooing

There are a lot of bacteria hidden in the nails, but many people like to rub the scalp with long nails.?

In fact, it is easy to scratch the scalp, and it can even cause scalp infection.?

Therefore, it is best to use massage in circular motions, and wash part by part slowly to make your scalp healthier.

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4. Apply Hair Cream To The Roots Of The Hair

Do you know that the hair follicles will open when you are washing your hair? If you apply hair conditioner to the hair roots, the chemicals contained in it will easily block the hair follicles and ultimately causing hair loss. It is recommended to comb the hair first, and then apply it to the ends of the hair along with the ears and towards the tip of the hair. Do not let the conditioner hurt the scalp.


5. Sleeping With Wet Hair

Did you go to bed immediately after washing your hair? If yes, stop doing this anymore! This is because sleeping with your wet hair will make your cuticle become thinner and your hair become drier. As the hair becomes very fragile, it is not resistant to friction and you might face more hair fall.?


Did you make any of these mistakes while washing your hair?



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