【Lifestyle】BATHING TIPS | Practice These to Reduce/Avoid Skin Itchiness
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BATHING TIPS | Practice These to Reduce/Avoid Skin Itchiness

Jada   |   Apr 30, 2021, 22:52   |   7

Do you always feel very itchy even you have applied body lotion after a bath? Practice these 4 effective solutions to avoid skin itchiness.

1. Temperature Of Bath Water Should Not Be Too High

It is very pleasant to take a bath with hot water. However, water with high temperature will take away the oil on the skin surface, and make the skin dry and itchy.?

In addition to lowering the temperature of the bathwater, you can also help put a glass of water in the bathroom to balance the humidity in the bathroom and prevent moisture from being taken away from the skin.


2. Regularly Exfoliate The Whole Body

The outer layer of the skin (epidermis) is thicker and can resist irritation. However, it also reduces the absorption of body lotion.?

Doing a full-body exfoliation once a week can promote the deep moisturizing effect of body lotion.


3. Moisturize Immediately After Bathing

When you just take a shower, the skin is full of the highest moisture. Apply body lotion or cream immediately to lock the moisture firmly. It is more moisturizing and effective than waiting for the skin to lose moisture. If you have dry skin, You can even apply body lotion in the bathroom before putting on clothes.


4. Avoid Wearing Super Tight clothes

Many people like tight-fitting clothes. If your skin is more sensitive, your skin will constantly rub against the clothes. This will increase the irritation and make the skin itchier. Hence, it is best to penetrate the air and fit the clothes.



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