【News】He Is The Founder of Sugarbook | Get To Know The Man Behind Asia’s Top Sugar Dating App
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He Is The Founder of Sugarbook | Get To Know The Man Behind Asia’s Top Sugar Dating App

A.   |   Feb 17, 2021, 18:06   |   954

After the website was recently banned by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), it didn‘t take long for the sugar dating app to rise again from the shadows, now with an all-new name.?


source: daily mail

But that's enough introduction. Let's meet the man behind all this fiasco, shall we??

# He Is From Penang, Malaysia

The CEO of Sugarbook, Darren Chan is from Penang, Malaysia, and is currently residing in Kuala Lumpur, no doubt fully occupied with managing his huge empire.?

# He Graduated From A Well-Known University in Australia

We love a man with brains. Darren graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology (RMIT) and co-founded the company, Endeavor Capitals after his graduation. Not long after, Sugarbook came into fruition, the sugar dating app we all have come to love discussing; in which Yahoo News once quoted as "Asia's most critically acclaimed Sugar Daddy Dating App."

# The Man Is Off The Market

The founder of Sucrebook is currently dating former Miss International Malaysia in 2019, the ever so gorgeous Charmaine Chew. They have been together for years, according to his Instagram post. How sweet!

Now tell me, would you be open to trying the app? Discuss in the comments.?


credit: Entrepreneur


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