【News】Will 2021 Be More Difficult Than 2020? The Fulfillments Of Abhigya Anand’s Predictions | The Indian Boys Who Predicted Of COVID-19
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Will 2021 Be More Difficult Than 2020? The Fulfillments Of Abhigya Anand’s Predictions | The Indian Boys Who Predicted Of COVID-19

Jada   |   Jan 16, 2021, 18:33   |   2535

Abhigya Anand is a recent popular prophecy from India who successfully predicted that there will be a deadly coronavirus pandemic from the end of 2019 to 2020. Lately, he predicted that the Earth would be affected by the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn in February 2021.

There will be even more disasters and even economic collapse. His video had been removed twice from YouTube as it violated YouTube’s community rules. This prompted him to create his own personal website so that other netizens who are interested in his predictions can directly watch related prediction videos without going through third-party channels.


Several of Anand's predictions have been fulfilled. For example, Anand predicted that there will be more fearful events on December 21, 2020, or earlier. It happened that the British Secretary of State for Health Matthew John David Hancock announced that the new coronavirus variant strain B.1.1.7 had appeared in some parts of England. This news made netizens feel that this was related to Anand’s prediction.


In addition, there are also several major events that occurred on December 21, 2020. A blackout occurred in Guangdong, China. he electricity to the household, street lights, water pumps, and mobile phone transmission stations were all cut off. The Internet and mobile phone signals were also affected. In addition, there was also an earthquake of 6.3 magnitudes that happened in Japan on the same day.


Anand said that earth will begin to fall into crisis at the end of November because Jupiter enters Capricorn on November 28, 2020. After that, Jupiter will meet Saturn from December 19th to December 28th. This will bring us wars, plagues, epidemics, and even economic collapse. The following predictions will slowly appear before February 2021. All these disasters will not improve until Jupiter leaves Saturn in November 2021 and enters Aquarius. The world will start again in November 2021. Therefore, Anand believes that such disasters will make 2021 more difficult than in 2020.

However, not all of Anand's predictions are accurate. He once predicted that World War III will break out in 2020, and the participating countries are the United States, Iran, India and Pakistan. But we have come to 2021. Looking back at 2020, there are no related events. Therefore, whether his prediction is really accurate is still questioned by many people.

Anand also mentioned that there are 7 ways to solve the crisis.

1. People must have faith in everything and stop actions that destroy the earth.

2. It is also important to improve your immunity. Personal immunity can resist the virus. People should spend more activities in the sun to reduce the indulge in electronic technology. Only when exercise strengthens immunity can the virus be effectively killed.

3. Anand can only make an analysis based on celestial phenomena, but everyone must control their own destiny. To deal with a difficult future, people must stay positive and spread more positive energy.

4. The living environment of many countries is extremely bad, so it is recommended that all countries should make good financial planning and investment so that people can have an adequate and good living environment.

5. People should try to grow crops at home to be self-sufficient and can save themselves in the event of a food crisis.

6. The situation that everyone has faced in the past two years is frustrating. The lockdown measures in various countries have made it difficult for everyone to go outdoors and contact other people. Therefore, he suggested that everyone should be in contact with nature more, and it can also be transparent. Spread positive energy through your own efforts.

7. Anand believes that people can get more benefits by getting close to nature.

If you are interested to know more, you can visit his website. Regardless of whether Anand’s prediction will be fulfilled, I personally believe that everyone must learn to love the earth, the environment, and themselves.?


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