【Fashion】“True Beauty” jewelry To Turn You Into A Goddess!
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“True Beauty” jewelry To Turn You Into A Goddess!

xweienx   |   Jan 11, 2021, 12:05   |   1543

During this pandemic, many people have been busy binging off their drama watch lists. With that said, Korean drama fans will have come across popular webtoon adaptation "True Beauty". Based on the same named Line Webtoon by Yaongyi, "True Beauty" depicts the transformation of a bullied and discriminated "ugly duckling" into a "goddess" using makeup.

The romantic comedy stars Moon Ga-young (as main character Im Ju-kyung), Cha Eun-woo (as dashingly handsome, but ice-cold Lee Su-ho), and Hwang In-yeop (as tough-looking bad boy Han Seo-jun). The plot is as funny as it is romantic, and will definitely bring out a chuckle or two.

As the main "power" of the lead character is makeup, the makeup products used in the drama has since exploded in popularity. Aside from makeup, there have been many small trinkets and jewelry making an appearance too.

These fine pieces are by none other than international brand Swarovski! Swarovski is no stranger to Korea and Korean dramas alike, having had some cameos in other hugely popular dramas such as "Hotel del Luna", "Crash Landing on You", "The World of the Married", and "18 Again". If you would like to be like your goddess in "True Beauty", then look no further!


A hoop design set with numerous sparking white stones, making it look elegant and charming when worn. Even with a simple outfit, the earrings can be matched to take it to the next level!



The long dangling chain helps with the effect of a more refined face. Using some white stones to form a snowflake design, it brings out the beauty in simplicity. These shiny earrings will help you stand out and is a must have to becoming a goddess!



Swarovski has used flowers as an inspiration for this little piece, making it an instant hit with girls. The petals of the flower are studded with sparkling elements with a bright yellow making the center. The mixed metal finish does not seem tacky at all, making it perfect for daily use or event a grand occasion.


The signature Swarovski design can be seen in Episode 8 of the drama as a confession gift. (Don't worry, we're not telling you who confessed to whom!)


The romantic rose gold plated-pendant has the iconic swan logo as the center of attention. The body holds a full-cut crystal body in a fresh millennial pink. Matched with an outline of white stones, and the design gives off a feeling of class and amazement. Any owner of this fine piece will be in love.


The rose gold dazzling swan retails for RM499, but fans of the classics can get the white swan pendant at only RM274.50 as Swarovski is having a sale on their website right now!


If you're working on bring out the goddess in yourself, remember to pair that beautiful makeup and stylish outfit with some intricate looking jewelry. You can visit your nearest Swarovski retail store or head to their website to get yours today!?


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