【-】#GoodyLocals 5 Independent Malaysian Designers On Instagram Whose Designs You Won‘t Find Anywhere Else
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#GoodyLocals 5 Independent Malaysian Designers On Instagram Whose Designs You Won‘t Find Anywhere Else

A.   |   Mar 23, 2021, 18:50   |   522

In 2021, we‘re ditching fast fashion.?

With the concept of slow fashion rapidly emerging to become more and more of a preferred fashion genre, especially among the environmentally aware; many local designers are coming up with their own initiative to join in on the movement while producing state-of-the-art designs that no fast fashion can emulate.?

While we’re at it, let's look at the local designers who are killing it in their game:?

1. @upsygals

With "Using Colors And Uniqueness To Turn Mundane Things Sublime" as their goal, @upsygals is the product of a fashion-forward duo with eyes for all things bold and edgy. They source their fabric from local thrift stores and merge them together into wearable art.

Go check them out on Instagram!

2. @yk.vintage?

These corsets are a dream to put on! These are the works of a Selangor-based young designer who juggles her time between chasing university deadlines and crafting intricate corsets, tops made from NIKE socks, two-piece sets made from thrifted blazers... her creativity is endless.

Go support her on Instagram!

3. @bytyrahealy?

Tyra Healy's apparels are like freshly fried pisang goreng— they sell out so quickly! Looking at these designs, we think we know why. Authenticity sells, and Tyra Healy does it so brilliantly well.?

Interested? Check out the official Instagram, or directly make a purchase on the website!




4. @oat.atelier?

These jaw-dropping designs are wonderfully local and big names like Angel and Sabrina Rusli from the girl group DOLLA Official are currently obsessing over it.?

Check out more of their unique corset designs on Instagram!

5. @mittens750?

Leave it to this talented independent designer from Sabah to turn any bland outfits into something worthy of a runway show with their captivating reworked designs— all handpainted.?

Witness more of their wonderful art on Instagram!

It's time we shift our attention towards local talents and slowly turn away from fast fashion if we're financially able to (we know giving up on widely affordable fashion isn't easy).

Which ones of these designers caught your eyes the most?


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