【Lifestyle】Being A Women Is Not Easy | Menstrual Pain Is Equivalent To Heart Attack Pain
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Being A Women Is Not Easy | Menstrual Pain Is Equivalent To Heart Attack Pain

Jada   |   Apr 30, 2021, 21:27   |   3

If you are a woman, you would understand menstrual pain. However, many men often underestimate the menstrual pain suffered by women. Most of them would think that women cannot bear the pain. Other than body fatigue and waist pain, menstrual pain would also cause women to feel dizzy and tired.?

In fact, John Guillebaud, a professor of reproductive health at University College London, published a study that proved that the pain of severe menstrual pain is almost the same as the pain of heart attack!?


Most of the medical experts only regard menstrual pain as a common phenomenon caused by menstruation, instead of a disease. According to Dr John Guillebaud, proper attention and treatment should be given to menstrual cramps as they are as serious as other illnesses.

Another study showed that boys are often given priority treatment because the general society believes that women have low pain tolerance and tend to exaggerate the pain or symptoms. This result was discovered by comparing the waiting time for men and women for treatment due to abdominal pain. The average time for boys is 49 minutes, while the time for girls is 65 minutes.?


Hope that menstrual pain would be formally listed as a disease, and appropriate treatments to be given for the patients in the future!

Sources: Mirror


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