【Entertainment】Top 10 Kwang-soo Specials On Running Man To Binge-Watch
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Top 10 Kwang-soo Specials On Running Man To Binge-Watch

emp7y   |   Apr 27, 2021, 21:50   |   18

So, it has been confirmed that Lee Kwang-soo will be leaving RM after 11 long years! No words to express the shock from his sudden departure.?

If you're already missing the beloved Girrafe Oppa, get to binge-watching these top ten special episodes, with him as the main character.

1- Episode 68

Source: YouTube

For the first time ever, the Easy brothers team up as spies. However, dubbed as Dumb & Dumber, the duo isn't really that bright in concealing their identity while completing hidden missions. But, wait, there's a shocking plot twist?!

2- Episode 165


Source: DramaBeans

The members head to Kwang-soo's hometown with clues from a scrapbook, only to end up meeting his FATHER! Yeah, his BIOLOGICAL father. Whoa, check out the resemblance! Will they ever find the owner of the scrapbook & a diehard fangirl of the Girrafe??

3- Episode 167


Source: DramaBeans

You won't stop cracking up from seeing the Asia Prince turn into Kwang-Ja, a dedicated policewoman. Watch the chaos that ensue as he/she goes undercover to find one legendary backpack. Beware, you might even fall for Kwang-Ja's girly charms (lol)!

4- Episode 247


Source: YouTube

Wanna see the King of Betrayal get Punk'd? Don't miss out on this hilarious episode, as everyone's in it to deceive him. He even walks away with the main prize, only to find out a week later that it was all an elaborate prank!

5- Episode 270

Source: YouTube

Kwang-soo is keen to get his revenge for all the times he was tormented by the members! With some help, he builds a scary maze with a bunch of traps & pretends like it was not his plan in the first place. Will the members ever escape in time?

6- Episode 288

Source: YouTube

While this episode is not entirely centered around Kwang-soo, we got our fill with a short segment at his house. Yup, once again, the RM team invades his property & make themselves at home. Tune in to? get a hot scoop on his love-life too!

7- Episode 309

Source: The London Tree

Its Girrafe's Revenge Part 2! This time, he gathered Seo Jang-Hoon, Hong Jin-Kyung & Lee-Ki Woo for backup. Will he finally get to beat the RM members in this episode?

8- Episode 340

Source: SIMKL

At last, it's Kwang-soo's Day! Follow the members as they speed through night trip courses, as planned by the Giraffe. But, with only 6 hours on the clock?! Who'll be water-bombed in the end?

9- Episode 369

Source: SIMKL

Kwang-soo plays a secret designer, with a hidden mission to complete at the end of the race. Will he escape from the scary punishment: a dangerous penalty in Australia? Or, will he end up unlucky again?

10- Episode 496

Source: Twitter

There's a new boy group in town: the Lee Kwang-soo's Idols. And, they are up against the Entertainer's team to collect the most "R" coins. Will the Giraffe betray his members again this time?

Running Man without Kwang-soo will definitely not be the same! Thank you for running with the world for 11 years, Giraffe Oppa.?


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